Friday, June 18, 2010


STORY: Its not a new story, nobody says its a new story. Its very difficult to make a old story in new format. So its no use of discuss about story.

DIALOGS: Not clear? no prasanth, its very accurate. So many lines are compressed as single words. So many meaningful & powerful dialogs.

CAMERA: No need to discuss, everyone accepts its a main PLUS of the film. Santhosh Sivan & MAnikandan.

MUSIC: A.R is always good, It should be a extra special for mani ratnam always. So many backgrounds are stands unique. Even sme more bits songs with are not in the music album. Deep music..

Both Vairamuthu(Tamil) & Gulzar(Hindi) lyrics are above average. Got the translation of hindi versions

SINGERS: Shreya Ghosal, Reena Bharadwaj, Vijay Prakash, Kaarthik, Javed Ali, Mohamed Irfan, Mustafa Kutone, Keerthi Sagathia, Sukwinder etc etc... al are done their good job.

Art, Acting & Everything is ok.

It may be a good movie when u saw few period later.

Released 2,200 screen worldwide

Reuters says "Very little Mani, and absolutely no magic"
 Rediff says "Raavan is unforgivably boring"
Times of India says "Raavan is chicken soup for the senses. Go, indulge yourself"
Guardian says "filled with the traditional extravagances, but its Robin Hood theme can't disguise its innate sexism"
Wall Street Journal says "In comparison the Ramayan is boring. The ‘Mahabharat’ is full of blood and guts. It’s a dark tale in which there’s a war and everybody dies.

Almost every media have a normal/avarage  feedbacks & 2-3 stars.

 Everything is Good, But which one is wrong? Expectation? huh, Mani Ratnam's usual film (But 'usual' says he is always Good, lol)



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