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Vinnaithandi Varuvaya (VTV) Music Review by Al-rufian

To tell about the music of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa , it’s simply like a return of AR Rahman to home pitch after the great Oscars and Golden Globe. After the Slumdog fever it is something fresh from the Mozart of Madras. The songs telling the story and we can guess it has some elements like it’s about christian love story with a kerala flavor. Rahman succeeded in delivering the exact feel in the songs. This combo is great and hats off to the entire team.
I'm reviewing the songs on the basis of top to bottom. It’s like rating it top seven songs. So let’s go....

VINNAITHAANDI VARUVAAAYA (Karthick) (Additional vocals-Vivek Agarwal)

                 It’s a title track which sounds very different. Karthick gives cent percent feel to the song. It’s soulful with cute lines and it’s like the singer talking to you from heart. Oone uyire unakkaga thudithen....is simple, yet cute lines. Harmony done by Vivek is commandable. This track has a lot of giutar again telling Gowtham menon is still loving guitar to be used in his films. Slow song of the album. Lots of change overs in the music which shows the brilliance of the master. Great composition.

                                    A song simply telling about the girl by the hero. Naresh Iyer sounds good in such numbers. This is very much apt for a Gowtham movie. Sounds like a dance number. A catchy duet I guess. The tune is peppy and foot tapping. Sure that one will move their heads while listening to this. Again simple lines from Thamarai. I guess it is her strength. Anyhow it’s noticeable the use of chorus and violin in this track. Rahman doing very good in love subjects I guess..!! Ready to dance.
ANBIL AVAN (Devan Ekambaram, Chinmayee)                             Remember the young chap introduced by Rahman in Oh...Maria song from KAATHALAR THINAM..???? Devan Ekambaram afterOh...Mariya & Smaiyi yayi (KANDUKONDEIN KANDUKONDEIN) sung beautifully in this song along with Rahman's one of the lucky singers Chinmayee. This song again telling about the love and sounds like a duet. Yet another fast song of the album. Come on....it’s again Rahman winning everyone by using the Christian tone mixed with a traditional Tamil nadu wedding music. Don't miss the interlude after pallavi of the song. It sounds like a wedding song. Using of different sounds make the listener to love the song. It’s fresh though sounds like Boom Boom song from BOYS because of the usage of those traditional tones. A song ready for the music channels...!!
MANNIPPAAYA (AR Rahman, Shreya Ghosal)                       A song sounds with great poetry..!! Hats off to Thamarai for the lines.
Oru naal sirithen, maru naal veruthen, unai naan kollaamal kondru puthaithen, Mannippaaya??
Oh...God, it’s mesmerizing when Rahman's voice enters the song and he did justice to the song.
It delivers the exact feel about the love and also how much the pair missing each other, also like an apology. Rahman's singing is like talking to our soul. Sounds better than a lot of such situation songs of late Gowtham movies. Surprisingly used three Thirukkurals in second half of the song about love and it too in chorus with a flute behind is amazing. A lengthy song still not boring. Sure this will impress lot after the film released. Challenge for Gowtham to make it video beautiful. Visual treat waiting..!!!
OMANA PENNE (beloved girl in malayalam) (Benny Dayal, Kalyani Menon)                                       Here it is the third best song of the album. A sure chartbuster of this year. Though it starts like Cindrella song from KANGALAL KAITHU SEI, Rahman's Excellency is clearly shown in every bit of this song. It clearly shows a malayalam touch and Benny being a malayalee, is correct choice for the song. He shows versatility from his early songs. Bass guitarist Keith Peters is surely had to be noticed in this song. Second half of the song sounds different from first which is superb.
The usage of Tavil and Nadaswaram (tamil traditional instruments) with malayalam lyrics makes us to feel it’s like a bridge between Kerala and Tamilnadu cultures. Sure that this song is gonna rule the chart this year. The malayalam lyrics penned by the female singer herself also is quite good. Again a treat to the lovers of melody..!! 
HOSANNA (An Expression of Praise!!) (Vijayprakash, Suzanne, Blaaze)Here it is another peppy, rappy, funny, yet romantic melody. The different composition from the master. After the Fiqrana from BLUE, Vijayprakash having nice time with Rahman's studio. The entry of Blaaze with his trademark rap phrases taking the song to next level. It’s true that the rap portion reminding Apache Indian style. The listeners can surely dance to this. Suzanne had done a decent job with the humming portions. The whole song having different phrases with same tune. Surely the listener will try to hum the song. Flute sounds in middle showing the Excellency of Navin. A romantic duet. Rahman worked lot to match Gowtham's previous works. Hosanna already ruling the charts..!!
AAROMALE (Beloved in malayalam) (Alphonse)And here the best one of the album. When Rahman have Benny to do Omane Penne, he brought one budding music director of malayalam film industry named Alphonse to bring out this year's great song. Whole music lovers received this song whole heartedly. When normal malayalam songs sounds normal, Rahman composed a full length malayalam song in a tamil movie which sounds like an english pop genre. Great feel rendered by Alphonse to this song. Guitar and Alphonse rocked the track. The chorus Swasthi swasthi..sounds very different. The song has a pain of love and it cent percent clearly taken the heart of the listener. Hats off to Kaithapram who is a great lyricist in malayalam film industry who penned the lyrics for Aaromale. Full marks to everyone in this song. And it’s Alphonse the greatest discovery of Rahman in nearly times. Sure that everyone will go for a second listen this song. Don't hear it, just feel it...!! 
                   Overall, it’s worth listening to VTV. Gowtham menon – AR Rahman combo has been worked out very well. It means a good director can get good songs from a good music director. It’s all the story whhich require songs. Rahman after long journey presented yet another romantic hit album to the lovers of music. The master is still a challenge to everyone..!! Being myself as a music director, it made me to think lot to produce good music. He made a lot of responsibility...
He once again proved he is The Master.
Just feel the music.

AL-RUFIAN(Music Director)Chennai, India  

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