Wednesday, May 12, 2010

P.S.I Love you - Book review by Jaya Gowri

P.S.I Love you is a book about young widow Holly who finds herself so incompetent to go on in her life without her sweetheart Jerry.As Jerry had already knew this, he had framed a list of things that Holly has to do after he passed by ,which she receives as a parcel after his death .The list had wishes that would transform Holly and make her realize life has to go on and should be celebrated and also gave her the hope that she is always being watched by an Angel above that is Jerry .
Perhaps the author has sketched in such a way that you could not just sympahize but also empathize with Holly.All characters have been given equal importance .You would remember all the characters, may be not by their names because it is quite hard to remember their names as it is not easy as Sita and Rama.
Don't read this book when you are having people around you because they may wonder if you have gone mad ,they'd never know that this book can make even a hard hearted person shed tears and also make you giggle as it is a blend of romnace and comedy
This book infact persuades everyone to keep their loved ones happy and care for them even after their death.It is a must read P.S.Fall in love 




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