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Ghajini: Music Review (by Al rufian)

As expected Ghajini’s music is good. It is similar to A.R Rahman’s recent compositions like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Yuvvraaj and Ada. The lyrics were penned down by Prasoon Joshi, an obvious influence of Gulzar sahab’s imagery and lyrical style is seen. After the greatest hit of Rang de Basanti Rahman-Prasoon team strikes again.

Guzarish is an extremely romantic number. Javed Ali as a vocalist offers a new fresh feel to the song. While we have Sonu Nigam humming in the background. Its Rahman who always like to use Sonu in his songs. In this particular song Sonu hummed in second stanza and taking us to a world of love and love only. Javed ali founded in Jodha akber again proved he can sing the melody with its original feel. His accent is amazing and the way he expressing music is simply awesome. Rahman knows Javed’s potency and gave him right song. Like jashn e bara, and kabhi kabhi guzarish will surely be a mesmerizing song which will remember for long years.

Rating *****

Aye Bachchoo sounds better since we dint have such a song from Rahman for long time. It is a really fun number and Suzanne sings this song with a lot of energy and attitude. She enunciates each word clearly. Rahman uses the guitars generously in this number, making you want to break out dancing immediately. While some people might automatically classify the lyrics to this song as being mediocre as it involves Hinglish, I think Prasoon Joshi does a nice job of playfully getting the message across that one should live life to the fullest: “ab khul ke jeele tu, koi seema naa border…gungunaalo, muskuraalo, zindagi toh sikhaati hai yehi…lehraalo, balkhaalo, hum qaidi toh nahin.” The word “qaidi” really stands out and is innovative in the context it is used. Its again Rahman who stand and deliver.

Rating ***

Kaise Mujhe a rythmic number with soul-touching lyrics with Benny Dayal and Shreya Goshal singing the great composition to perfection. This is one song you would feel like dedicating your soul-mate. he magical combination of Benny Dayal and Shreya Ghoshal, who were also heard in Tu hi to meri dost hai from Yuvvraaj, is back again with Kaise Mujhe. This soft number is very sweet and the disbelief the male protagonist feels, “Kaisey mujhe tum mil gayeen? Qismat pea aye naa yaqeen. Utar aayee jheel mein, jaise chaand utartaa hai kabhi” is quite touching. The use of the sitar is beautiful. Shreya Ghoshal’s alaaps have a calming affect. Clinton Cerego, Neuman Pinto (Phas Gayaa from Aamir), Vivienne Pocha do a decent job of offering backing vocals. Once again, Prasoon Joshi does a superb job with the lyrics. We heard the word “gungunaati” used in Tu Muskuraa (”raat mei chaandini kabhi aise gungunaati hai”), however the phrase “gungunaati dhoop” is very thoughtful, followed by the question, “dekhoon tumhey yaa main sunoo?” Another meaningful line from the song worth special mention is, “badalengi rituen ada, par main rahoongi sada usi tarah teri baahon mein baahen daalke har lamha, har pal.”  Benny dayal is the most lukiest chap of Rahman nowdays. As a friend of mine I know how hardly he worked to get this position. He deserved…

Rating *****

Behka which is more appealing visually with Aamir Khan in six different avataar. Behka is an interesting composition meshing various styles…hip-hop, jazz, blues, rock. The use of the saxophone, trumpet, drums sort of reminds me of Jaan Meri from Takshak, although the overall feel to this composition isn’t as energetic and lively as Jaan Meri. Karthik does a fantastic job getting through all the twists and turns in this song. While the lyrics to this song aren’t earth-shattering, the use of the words “rounak udaaye” in “guzare jahan sey woh rounak udaaye” is unusual (in a good way). Personally its my favorite song and Aamir too loves it lot. The lyrics are simple and yet stronger. Rahman commented it’s the best lyrics to compose song for such a situation. It’s a cool type of song and probably will be a chartbuster soon.

Rating *****

Latoo brings forth Shreya Goshal’s versatility as a singer who sing all kinds of songs with great ease and perfection. This song has a gentle mix of hip hop and soft music. Its a foot tapping and a jazzy track. After hearing Shreya Ghoshal croon the very romantic Kaise Mujhe, we get to hear her sing the very light-hearted number, Latoo. The song opens with the sounds of radio signals and English lyrics are thrown in. Then we suddenly hear a Spanish guitar. This fast-paced number is so catchy and playful you can’t resist but singing along and dancing carefree. The way Shreya stretches the word “yaar” is awesome!. Karthik, Tipu, Bennu, Tanvi, Sakthi Sree Gopal (who is the winner of SS MUSIC VOICE HUNT 2008), Anisha and Suvi do a nice job of providing additional and backing vocals, but it is Shreya who steals the show with her flawless rendition. While talking to my friend Shakthi, she told it was Pravin mani who programmed the song and he used all the backing vocals perfectly (I was also with her in voice hunt finals). The line, “uske aane sey bas jaaye soone soone mann kaa ilakaa” is innovative. The repetition of the word “yaar” is contagious and makes you want to sing along.

Rating ****

 The instrumental version of  Kaise Mujhe stands for the use of the flute and guitars is soothing and Shreya’s delicate alaaps stand out. It is really relaxing and I guess Rahman will use it for the re-recording.

Rating ****

On the whole Ghajini’s music album offers you refreshing and entertaining film music that will grow on you eventually as you keep hearing it.

Its a must buy.
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