Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25 records by Sachin Tendulkar

1. He was the third youngest player to debutant in Cricket, 16years and 250 days.

First two youngest players are

i. Mushtaq Mohammed (15 years 124 days)

ii. Aaqib Javid (16 years 189 days)

Later it was beaten by two young players

i. Pakistan’s Hasan Raza (14 years, 227 days)

ii. Bangladesh’s Mohammad Sharif (15 years, 128 days)

2. Highest played test matches: 166

i. Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid (131 matches) – Both in the second place

3. Total runs in Test series: 13,447 Runs

4. Average: 55.56 in 166 Tests(13,447 runs)

5. First Indian Player to score 11,000 total runs in test maches

6. Third player in total runs

i. Allen Border

ii. Brain Lara

7. Second player to score 10,000 runs among Indian players

i. Sunil Gavaskar

8. Sachin Tendulkar is the one among the two players to score fastest 10,000 runs in Test matches. (195 innings)

i. Other player is Brain Lara (West Indies)

9. First player to reach 12,000 Total runs in Test matches

10. First player to reach 13,000 Total runs in Test matches

11. He scores 7,429 runs in outside home Country (world Record)

12. First person to score more no. of centuries, 47

i. Sunil Gavaskar, 34

ii. Ricky Pointing,39

iii. Brain Lara, 34

13. Second young player to score thr first Century

i. First player is Mushtaq Mohammed

ii. Later, it was beaten by Mohammed Ashraful

14. Scores five centuries at the Age of 20 (world Record)

15. Highest score as a Indian Captain inn test series, 217 runs

i. Sunil Gavaskar, 205 runs

16. One of the player to scored century with all test playing Nations

i. Steve Waugh

ii. Gary Kirsten

iii. Brian Lara

iv. Ricky Ponting

v. Rahul Dravid

vi. Jacques Kallis

vii. Adam Gilchrist and

viii. Marvan Atapattu

17. Most appeared ODI Matches, 442

18. First of the top 4 batsmen to scored centuries in both the innings

i. Dinesh Karthik, 129

ii. Wasim Jaffer, 138

iii. Rahul Dravid, 129

19. Consecutive ODI Appearances, 185

20. Most appeared stadiums, 90 Cricket stadiums around the world

21. First player to appear 400 ODI matches

22. Most appeared matches, 431

23. First person to score 200 runs in ODI

24. Highest numbers of 4’s: 25 in ODI

25. Tendulkar has scored over 1000 ODI runs against all major Cricketing nations.



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